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Love is the master key which opens the gates of happiness.
They'll keep us apart, they won't stop breaking us down



♥awfully married
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Jerrel Chan ♥

August24th 2009 / @ 6.04am
KKH @ 38weeks
Natural Vaginal birth w epidural
2.742kg/49CM Tall
Head circumference = 32.5CM
Length at birth = 49CM


Jerron Chan ♥

December20th 2010 / @ 9.06am
KKH @ 39weeks
Natural Vaginal birth w epidural
3.02kg/47CM Tall
Head circumference = 34.5CM
Length at birth = 47CM


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Sunday, October 7, 2012

我说我忘了 不痛了
笑了 原谅了 为你也值得
用你的快乐 告诉我
别管我多 舍不得

如果爱忘了 就放他走吧
那些幸福啊 让她替我到达
如果爱懂了 承诺的代价
不能给我的 请完整给她

如果爱忘了 你还记得吗

♥our lips must always be sealed
10:42:00 PM

Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Helloooo people~~~

I know i've been neglecting my blog like for thousand years. lotsa things to share, lose a job found a job and then lose a job. then many frens getting married (esp 1 of my bff) and pregn.
then giving birth!! haha. upload afew recnt pics of us. apparently , my sma son dint realli likes to tk pics w me.
*i dkwhy -.- *

Anway, Both now are 32 Months and 16Months now. haha. so fast. next yet Jerrel is gg to PAP. and jerron gg to Childcare soon. hmmm......

Shall see u guys soon. cos its now 2.34AM
and i have
interview later
and im gg to wake at 8am to bake pizza and garlic bread for brekkie. hahahahah

<3 ciaaaossss

* anw i've manage to slim down abit. saw the diff alrdy? ahahhaha. but i keep on eating nowadays. hais*

♥our lips must always be sealed
2:31:00 AM

Saturday, November 19, 2011

Its been long time since i hve updated
Been a SAHM for like 2weeks
Totally bored mi. and im starting work next Monday. kinda happy and excited
will b working tgt w my maxidear.
& Speedy Recovery to Jaxson


•went to afew Partys :
-ellie ' Stepbro 1st
-Mabel Daug 1st
-Cindy ROM
-Jaxson 2nd
-Joss ' Son 2nd
- Mini surprise for my xlg OngYenPing
-Drinking Session w my lovlies plurk babes

Yeaaa Alot.
Dec is reaching so is my birthday and my small son Jerron ' 1st Bday!
Cant wait. Although the Venue is very small But no choice cos thrs no slot as its super peak period. Mad sad. Hope it will goes smoothly!

Few Updates of my son.

•Jerrel :
-Currently 27Months +
-Eats very lil solid food :(
-Keeps drinking Milk
-keeps See tv till midn - 2am -.-
-will scold didi when he makes sth.
-still in toddler class
-Loves gaigai and super loves snacks
& Super love to Pose and Act 1 Attp

•Jerron :
-Currently 10Months +
-Super loves to Grind his teeth -.-
-Loves to eat nonstop regardless after or before milk
-Loves gaigai
-Loves to Scream and struggle
-Super loves to Smile and giggle

Thats all Folkš~

shall update when im free. hehe

♥our lips must always be sealed
12:46:00 PM

Thursday, September 15, 2011

hi all, Here to update some pic.

monday went to chinese garden
long jam lah. lucky gt parking slot
took some pics den camera low batt -.-
bought jerrel to play e theme park
saw sandy n family n pearlyn. aft tt i saw jy aunt -.-
den went to view the tortise museum. alot of turtle siahhhh. scary la. zzzz
gonna go download movies liaos

♥our lips must always be sealed
10:07:00 PM

Sunday, September 11, 2011

Finally found a app i can Post online! haha. anyway. jus a quick update!

Jerron - 8months plus!
loves to smile and being carry. esp love shopping!!! looks more like winnie the pooh

Jerrel - 24months. like a faker. can fake cry yet learn things very fast!! haha. had an awesome celebration in schools!

been abandon my blog for quite some time. will try to update more k. hehe
Love all!!

p.s - jerrel having HFMD. 3rd day now. hope it will be gone soon :)

cannot upload photo tsk >.<

♥our lips must always be sealed
11:58:00 AM

Tuesday, June 7, 2011

HI all,
I know i have forsake this blog. hehe
i hope i will have more time to revamp everything.

just a quick update:

Jerrel is 22months now! gonna prepare his BIG 2 bday bash!!
Jerron is 5months now!! still cranky n smiley boy.



& Do support my blogshop w babies/kids appareal


blog will be ready soon!
still preparing. muahahha

♥our lips must always be sealed
1:53:00 PM

Friday, February 18, 2011

updates on both :)

Jerrel turning 18th months on 24th this month!
- drinks 180ml-240ml similac
- very naughty and attention seeker
-loves to eat noodles rather den rice -.-
- simply love to go shopping and play with kids.
- forever so cute n lovable

Jerron turning 2months on 20th this coming month!
- drinks up to 120ml ( sometimes onli 60-90ml)
- stomach alot alot of wind
-don like to sleep in the night :(
- loves to go shopping same as korkor gt flower leg
-gt problem of shitting
-forever my loves :)

oh well, jus nw when to check my leave, and i called boss
so sad, she say im returning work on the 14th. so sad lehs.
suddenly my heart skipp abit. :(
although i wanna b SAHM but i dn think i can stay long, cos i
hate to do household chores. LOL! poor mi.
shuld consider to work if the next enviroment is good!
if not gonna QUIT tt job man. zzzz

& Happy 2years anniv, i don think he rembs as well. LOL!
ohhh, n i hope jy n mil tio toto , few hundred also song.
both Js is slping soundly. BO PI BO PI~~~~~~ haha

its weekend. need to enjoy my LEAVE liao before it ends. hehe

♥our lips must always be sealed
3:44:00 PM